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The 'Quin House is a club for the interesting and interested.

It’s a diverse community of leaders, creators, innovators, and influencers. It’s a home away from home for aesthetes, connoisseurs, enthusiasts and those who could never be defined as just one thing!

It’s where the history and glamour of Old Boston mingle with the innovation and vibrance of New Boston. Where cherished traditions mix with the zeitgeist of the day. Where diverse life experiences mingle and motivate. Where chance encounters can lead to meaningful connections.

A private social club unlike any other that will create a community of impact.

And above all, it’s a place to disconnect, reconnect, and reinvent your social life.


We’re Leaders. Creators. Innovators. Rising stars. There’s a couple of Wild Cards around here too. It takes all kinds to make up a spirited community and one with an impact. It also, not-so-coincidentally, makes for spicier dinner conversation.

Think you have something to bring to the table?

Discover More 217 Commonwealth Avenue,
Boston, MA 02116
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