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  • Inspire star

    We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why be here? Steve Jobs
    Photo of man's hand playing Scrabble at The 'Quin House

    At The ‘Quin House, we believe our education is never complete; inspiration can come in many forms, and we are here to learn from one another.

    Boston leads the country in innovation, education and thought leadership. We harness this intelligence with visiting luminaries, programming and speakers from all sectors. Legends as well as up-and-comers are given a platform at our club.

    Programming will offer something for everyone. Hear a new songwriter perform, catch a lecture from a visiting professor, swivel your hips at a salsa class, or contribute to a silent auction for a good cause. It’s only a sampling of how our collective interests will create lasting bonds and spark new ways of thinking, being and doing.

    Photo of man's hand playing Scrabble at The 'Quin House
  • Art & Design star

    Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist René Magritte
    A photo of a couple looking at the art at The 'Quin House

    We founded The ‘Quin House as a passion project, a place for all who are truly passionate about beauty to come and enjoy the best of the city. We believe that appreciating art is a vital part of feeding one’s soul. Whether you’re looking to have your mind stimulated, your emotions moved, or just to indulge your passion, we’ve carefully curated an art collection to augment your experience at The ‘Quin.

    Our renowned interior designer Ken Fulk has created a stylish, inviting club that allows intimate moments for connection. The eclectic original art collection, curated by Kate Chertavian features greats, surprising artists doing innovative work as well as emerging local talent.

    Our philosophy is art should be lived, and The ‘Quin is an immersive experience. Pieces are thoughtfully woven throughout the club to create a thought-provoking, stunning, and occasionally whimsical narrative.

    A photo of a couple looking at the art at The 'Quin House
  • Contribute star

    Philanthropy is not about money. It’s about using whatever resources you have at your fingertips and applying them to improving the world Melinda Gates
    Photo of a sculpture of two hands clasping at The 'Quin House

    The ‘Quin House is committed to affecting change in our local community. Our dedication to doing good while having fun is founded on the idea that we all share the best intentions. The club is a space for members to further their education on important issues.

    We intend for The ‘Quin to be not only a source or education, but a part of the solution. The ‘Quin House Impact Fund serves as a financial resource for local philanthropic organizations that are making positive contributions to our community. The ‘Quin will organize guest speakers and lecturers to enlighten these members on how their gift can make a true impact.

    Yet no problem can be solved with money alone – education, organization, and passion must play vital roles also. The ‘Quin House aims to be a locus for true, lasting change, and to that end we will provide a platform for all sorts of efforts to transform the community. Whether it’s coordinating ongoing volunteer events or setting up mass donation drives, we will enable our members to find – and enact – the most impactful ways to aid the causes they are passionate about.

    Photo of a sculpture of two hands clasping at The 'Quin House
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